Professor emeritus
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

4-5-7 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8477,Japan
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Last updated: July. 13, 2017

Current Research Interests

Evaluation of marine stock enhancement (MES) programs:

I have evaluated ecological and genetic impacts of MSE programs based on real data. In collaboration with my colleagues, I collected samples for genetic monitoring for red sea bream, Japanese Spanish mackerel, herring, and Manila clam. Results of the real data analyses show outcomes of large scale MSE programs, suggesting future direction.

Statistical methods for population genetics and genomics:
Hirohisa Kishino and I have developed statistical methods for estimating survival rates from mark-recapture, total landings from hatchery releases and recreational fishery, and mixing proportions and genetic population structure. Sampling theory, maximum likelihood, and Bayesian inference have been used in our methods. The present focus is on estimating fine-scale population structure for high gene flow species and genomic selection for environmental adaptation.

Ecology of marine species and response to environmental changes:

Katsuyuki Hamasaki and I have investigated early life history, behavior, ecology, and population genetics of the diverse terrestrial hermit crabs using field surveys and laboratory experiments. Current research interest includes evaluating response of aquatic species to anthropogenic and natural disturbances, and climate changes.

Many thanks to:
My friend, colleagues and students for collaboration of field sampling, laboratory experiment, and data analysis. I thank Kate Myers for opportunity of my research in 2000 at School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, University of Washington.