March 9-11, 2015, Etchujima Campus
Tokyo University of Marine Science and technology

International Workshop
"Integrable Systems and Representation Theory"

    Date: March 9-11, 2015
    Venue : Memorial Hall of the 85th Anniversary, Etchujima Campus,
    Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Japan

      The workshop aims to bring together both experts and young researchers and to encourage cross interaction on integrable systems and representation theory.

      Hitoshi KonnoTUMSAThkonno0@*
      Tomoyuki TakenawaTUMSATtakenawa@*
      Yoshiyuki SekiguchiTUMSATyoshi-s@*
      *: Domain name is

      Invited Speakers
      Pascal BaseilhacUniversite de Tours - CNRS
      Mikhail A. BershteinLandau Institute
      Anton DzhamayUniversity of Northern Colorado
      Kohei MotegiIIP, University of Rio Grande
      Hiroshi NaruseOkayama University
      Masatoshi NoumiKobe University
      Christopher M. OrmerodCalifornia Institute of Technology
      Vyacheslav P. SpiridonovJINR, Dubna
      Jasper V. StokmanUniversiteit van Amsterdam

      9 (Mon)10 (Tue) 11 (Wed)
      14:00-15:00StokmanSpiridonov Motegi
      16:30-17:30DzhamayNaruse @@None

      Conference dinner is scheduled in the evening on 10th.

    Supported by

    Foundation for International Exchange, Faculty of Marine Tecnology,
    Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

    JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
    (C)26400046 (PI: H. Konno)@(C)25400106 (PI: T. Takenawa)

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