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Hidekatsu Yamazaki

Hidekatsu Yamazaki

Professor, Graduate School of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Ph.D., Texas A&M University

Research goal:

To understand the physical conditions surrounding life early in the earth’s history, I am investigating the physical environments around planktonic organisms.

Research interests:

My research interests focus on examining the physical environment of phytoplankton and zooplankton from two different angles: 1) The effect of the physical environment at the individual planktonic scale (turbulence, diffusion, etc.) on the ecology and distribution of plankton. 2) The relationship between the physical environment and turbulence and other phenomena (internal waves, ocean currents, etc.). In addition, I am investigating the relationship between the distribution of larger organisms, such as fish, and the physical environment.

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Personal History

Sept. 2004, Ocean University of China, Guest Professor (Present)

Jul. 2004, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Department of Ocean Sciences, Professor (Present)

Oct. 2003, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Assistant Professor (due to university merger), (to Sept. 2004)

Jul. 1997, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Guest Researcher (Present)

Jul. 1996, University of Victoria Department of Ocean Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Guest Professor (Present)

Apr. 1996, Tokyo University of Fisheries Department of Ocean Sciences, Assistant Professor (due to department name change), (to Oct. 2003)

Oct. 1993, Tokyo University of Fisheries Department of Marine Production, Assistant Professor (to May 1996)

Sept. 1991, University of Victoria Bob Wright Centre (Ocean Earth and Atmospheric Sciences), Assistant Professor (to Sept. 1993)

Jul. 1991, University of Wisconsin Madison Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, Guest Researcher, Assistant Professor (to Sept. 1993)

Nov. 1990, Dalhousie University Department of Oceanography, Guest Researcher (to Dec.1990)

Oct. 1987, Stanford University Center for Turbulence Research, Guest Researcher (to Nov. 1987)

Oct. 1986, Johns Hopkins University Chesapeake Bay Institute, Ph.D. Researcher (to June 1991)

May 1984, Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.), Adjunct Research Professor (to Sept. 1986)

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Publications (with peer review)

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Review Articles (with peer review)

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