National University Corporation, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Food Refrigeration Science Laboratory, Dept. of Food Science and Technology

Message from Lab.

Thank you for your visit to this web-site.
This web-site was created to introduce "The Research Laboratory of Food Refrigeration,
Tokyo Marine Technology and Science", which has been,is, and will be a leading research group for
basic and applied research on freezing technologies on food in Japan.

"Food Refrigeration Science", does it sound strange?
It is so called frozen food science and technologies.
However it become widely accepted recently by inches due to introduce an useful
knowledge to make miracle in home cooking and freezing on Television and Publication
outgoing from this laboratory to masscommunication.

Goal of food refrigeration science is the development of useful technologies such as
food preservation based on research of freezing mechanism in food. The industrial
technology for food preservation by means of freezing comes to human life at a half
century ago. Since then the freezing technology of food have been made remarkable
improvement, that is infinitely longer food preservation period.

Then present age many kind of frozen foods were used in home as usual and food
business. We cannot live everyday without them. We can see a packed prepared frozen
food in the showcase of supermarket, however it is only a small part of the food business
supported by freezing technologies. Substationaly freezing technology maintains laege
catering industries such as restaurant and fast-food. In the most case of the distribution
of fresh fish and meat, they used frozen storage and transport through cold chain.

However there are many kind of unsolved problems related to food refrigeration.
Our activities develops the new refrigeration technology that allows preservation of
every fresh food for a long time and lead to such a dream application as a space food
and cryopreservation of human organ. Resolution for global food crisis and
environmental problem in future should be necessary to human being. Then innovative
development for freezing technology would be contribute the escape of starvation due to
reduce food loss to zero.

Our research laboratory make progress every day to go ahead on the top of freezing
science and technology which might be realize delicious and earth-friendly food.