Laboratory of Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics


Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Yamazaki-Nagai Lab Group Photo, 2014 TurboMAP-G Winch on Seiyo-maru, 2006 JEDI-System Node Yamazaki-Nagai Lab Group Photo, 2013 Recovering floats to R/V Kaiyo, 2015 Collecting CTD samples, 2014 The Umitaka-maru, 2007 Recovering the JEDI-System node, 2015

Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics and Our Lab

Ocean ecosystem dynamics is the study of the physical processes and biological activity in the ocean. The majority of marine life is supported either directly or indirectly by microscopic organisms such as phytoplankton and zooplankton.

Our laboratory studies how the development and distribution of plankton are related to mixing and diffusion. We are also studying how mixing and diffusion are influenced by various phenomena, including ocean currents and tides.

To achieve our objectives, we are developing new and necessary oceanic observation instruments and numerical models, as well as conducting on-site observations to investigate what is happening in the ocean.


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