ICOPE15 was held successfully
on Nov.30/2015 to Dec.03/2015
  at Pacifico Yokohama

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have contributed to the success of ICOPE-15. In particular, we offer our hearty thanks to the authors, reviewers, session organizer, organizing committee members, international advisory committee members and conference participants.

Thank you.

Chairman Prof. Masahiro OSAKABE
The steering committee of International
Conference on Power Enginnering-15, Yokohama

  The conference aims to provide a platform for promoting collaborations among professional societies and enhancing technical exchanges in the power engineering community.

 The conference will include technical sessions, special lectures, social activities, and exhibition. 

  ICOPE (International Conference on Power Engineering) is an international conference targeting a vast area of power and energy systems studies with the exception of nuclear power generation. The conference is drawing interest as an ideal place to present on a variety of studies such as developments of industrial technologies, researches on measuring methods and evaluation tools, and feasibility studies.

  The first JSME-ASME International Conference on Power Engineering was held in Tokyo in 1993, jointly hosted by The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). From then onwards, this conference has taken place biennially. In the year 1995, Chinese Society of Power Engineering (CSPE) joined to host the conference in Shanghai.

  Thereafter, it has been successfully held in Tokyo (1997), San Francisco (1999), Xian (2001), Kobe (2003), Chicago (2005), Hangzhou (2007), Kobe (2009), Denver (2011), and Wuhan (2013). As a continuation, the twelfth ICOPE conference will be held in Yokohama, Japan in 2015.

Scope and Topics
ICOPE will cover both fundamental and applied topics in power engineering including:
1.Power Systems
2.Distributed Energy Systems
3.Fuel Production and Utilization
4.Advanced Combustion Technology
6.Steam Turbines
7.Gas Turbines
9.Components, Equipment and Auxiliaries
10.Operations and Maintenance
11.New Materials for Energy Systems
12.Environmental Protection
13.Renewable Energy
14.Energy Storage and Load Leveling
15.Heat Pump Systems
16.Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
17.Economic and Environmental Aspect
18.Safety and Security
19.Experimental and Measuring Technique
20.Electric Vehicle (EV)
21.Smart City
22.Energy in Europe
23.High-Efficiency Power Generation
24.Thermal Hydraulics & CFD