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You can view and download teaching materials from this page. When viewing video files, please be patient. It can take time before the video starts playing.

QuickTime Player (Ver.7 or higher) is necessary to view video lectures.  If you don't have QuickTime Player, you can download it for free from the Web site of Apple Computer, Inc.. (http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/win.html)


The video lectures were delivered by Captain John Keever and Chief Engineer Bill Davidson from the California Maritime Academy. Most of the filming took place onboard the Taisei-Maru, a training ship that belongs to the National Institute for Sea Training, Japan, as part of an onboard Maritime English training seminar for Maritime English teachers.

The TUMSAT extends its gratitude to Captain Keever and Chief Engineer Davidson for sharing their expertise and to the NIST for providing the unique "onboard" learning opportunity.

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